This page is reserved for all that character classes or races not included in the other classes page.
In the next updates you will find alternate classes clothing (ninja, pirate), pretige classes outfits (assassin, illusionist) or tipical costumes of not-human (demons, elementals) and demi-human races and cultures (elven, half-elven, orks).

Description: The showed outfit is clearly influenced by the middle eastern fashion; the headwear, the baggy trousers and the boots could be worn by a pirate or prowler travelling around the word and visiting the amazing and chaotic arab themed cities you can find in many fantasy universes.
Exotic headwear
Short or long sleeved doublet
Shirt 2
Belt + bag
Baggy trousers
Leather scrip
Knee boots
Price -

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Description: The outfit color choice suggests clearly the race (elf) and the class (Ranger). This "camouflage" dress has tipical decorative motifs adopted by the forest creatures and naturally by the elven race. The material used in the making of the outfit depicted are: fustian, tapestry canvas, wool, leather, linen.
Elven hood
Elven cap
Elven jacket
Shirt 1
Tight trousers
Elven bracers
Belt, elven purses (2)
Extra pointed knee boots
Price - € 642.00 - € 620.00

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